Hybrid Nor’ Easter

Blizzard offers two options of the “hybrid” style snowmobile trailer. A Hybrid is a newer design to the snowmobile world and is basically a 101” wide covered trailer that looks similar to one of the older “clamshell” designs, but functions much more smoothly. The clamshell trailers would tilt and lift, whereas the hybrid simply opens at the back and has a spring assisted drop down ramp.

This is the Blizzard Nor’Easter, which has a flatter front giving more headspace in the front of the trailer. Blizzard uses marine grade pressure treated plywood, galvanized torsion axles and wheels, a reinforced roof system with 2 vertical rails adding support for snow load, stainless steel hardware including the hinges, and a recessed door latch system which makes for a very tight seal at the door.


•Drive-in back-out, no more tilting and head smashing like a clamshell trailer

•Galvanized torsion axles with greasable hubs

•Recessed door latch mechanism creates a very tight seal while remaining flush

•LED lights

•Stainless greasable hinges and stainless hardware

•Side access door + front hatch door

•Reinforced roof system to handle increased snow loads

•1 piece roof

•Marine grade pressure treated plywood flooring

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