Hybrid / Crossover

Nitro has been perfecting the Hybrid style snowmobile since they first opened their doors over 5 years ago. With small design changes they have made each year this trailer has really become one of our most popular 2 place snowmobile set-ups available. One of the first things you see when you look at a Nitro is the over sized front hatch door which is such a life saver when you have all your gear on and try to get the front ski tie downs off. Nitro has a reinforced axle mount, grade 8 hardware, and uses a thicker material on the roof bows for added support. Galvanized torsion axles and galvanized wheels are standard as well, its really the only way to go. Here at the Trailer Outlet we have the floors upgraded to a marine grade pressure treated plywood on all of our snowmobile trailers.







•Galvanized greasable torsion axles with galvanized wheels

•Extra large front hatch window measuring 32″ x 72″

•Integrated tie down system as well as ski bar hangers

•LED lights including interior dome light

•One piece roof

•Hingeless rear flap for a smooth transition

•Side step


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